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Government information from the United States government and the State of California

Welcome to the Government Information Guide

Welcome to the Government Information Guide from the Merced College Library! This guide acts as a resource for navigating government information produced by the federal government of the United States and the State of California. Information in this guide is organized by level of government and then by branch of government. For example, the section on California Government Information has a landing page that provides general resources for finding California government information and then organizes more specific government information by branch of government. Use the navigation menu to find information for either the State of California or the federal government. 

Anything published or created by a local, state, federal, or international government is considered government information and this information can span a variety of formats such as websites, reports, datasets, Congressional hearings, articles, Presidential speeches, and more. Therefore, government information can be a highly useful resource for your assignments and research. Many government publications discuss government operations and can therefore serve as primary source material for your research. In addition, many federal and state agencies publish reports, datasets, articles and more on a variety of topics which serve as excellent secondary sources for your research. Check out our Government Information guide as a starting point for navigating government resources and publications.