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LRNR 30: Information Concepts and Research Skills: Specialized Vocabulary

General research guide for LRNR 30 class

What is Specialized Vocabulary

Why Specialized Vocabulary?

Expanding Topic Vocabulary

Words evolve, change and exploring those historical background allows us to "explode" a single concept into many ideas.

Index, Link or Map Concepts

Making connections that may not have been apparent, unveiling the "unknown" and confronting confirmation bias.

Define unfamiliar terms

Defining complex words allows the writer to clarify, provide accuracy and authority. Look for synonyms or subject headings and keywords.

Familiarize with Discipline Language

Different disciplines apply words different ways.  A psychologist will treat the term "climate change" as it relates to our mental health, while a chemist will treat the term "climate change" by analyzing the chemical changes in the environment.  Each important, but very different methods of study.  

Subject Heading Indexes

What is an Index?

An index is a list organized by subject, authors or keywords, often in alphabetic order, with a page number or other linked method to locate further information about that item.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Western University Library.  Aug. 26, 2016 (4:21)

Idea Generator

Specialized Dictionaries

Indexs of Subject Headings