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ENGL 13 Rocha: Essay 3 Resources

Critical Reasoning and Writing

Restricting Peer Reviewed Journal Articles by Methodology

  • Results from research studies typically include statistics, such as in the background and analysis sections.
  • Some library databases allow you to restrict results by research methodology. 
    • Some methodologies that could be helpful:
      • empirical study
      • quantitative study
      • meta-analysis
  • For library databases that don't have a methodology limiter, the abstract, or summary of the study, a researcher provides may include terms such as quantitative or statistical analysis, so it may be helpful to include specific research methods or terms such as statistic* or data in the Abstract field of a library database. 
    • If using Google Scholar, you can apply this same strategy to your keyword search as there aren't additional search fields. 
    • Keep in mind, Google Scholar doesn't have a peer-reviewed limiter, so please investigate whether the article is from a real journal.

Tracking Down Studies from News Sources

  • Many news sources will often link the study they are reporting about or provide enough information to help you find it.
  • It is always best to track down the original source as a news report may not provide an accurate or thorough overview of the study.
  • Always cite the original source. 
  • If you can find the original source for free via an embedded link in the article, great!
  • If the original source is not embedded as a link, copy and paste the title of the study into Google. 
    • If it's available for free online, great! 
    • If you can find the original source but cannot access it for free online, copy and paste the title of the study without any colons into OneSearch, the library catalog. 
      • If the library has access, OneSearch will direct you to the database that has the article. 
      • If the library does not have access, fill out the ILL form

Restricting Results by Website Domain

  • Using Google, try a keyword search using your topic, the word statistics, and the site: operator to help you restrict your results to websites that end with a specific domain, such as .gov for government websites

Finding Statistics

Recommended Library Databases