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Active Learning Academy (ALA) Community of Practice: CoP Work Area

The ALA guide is designed for faculty as a repository of active learning strategies, assignments, videos and link, as well as information re Reading Apprenticeship, Habits of Mind and threshold concepts.

Who do I contact with Reading Apprenticeship Questions?

The Active Learning Academy is a community of instructors and administrators who are interested in discovering new techinques in engaging student learning.  We feel that there are numerous techniques available, and that this is an opportunity to share, refine and innovate our practices.  Each one of us has our special approach: we encourage you to share and it through video, email, discussion posting, social media, however you see fit.

To find out more information about Habits of Mind:

  • Facilitator, Librarian Dee Near
  • Facilitator, English Pam Huntington

To find out more information about Reading Apprenticeship:

  • Shirley Kahlert, English
  • Jory Taber, English
  • Branden Tenn, Chemistriy
  • Melissa Fries, English
  • Caitlin Serpa, Economics
  • Melissa Rocha, English  melissa.rocha@mccd.ed
  • Sean Epstein-Corbin, English
  • Karrie Bullock, Librarian



Meeting Notes

Agenda and action items for upcoming meetings

(CoP members encouraged to contribute items to this area.)

Readings and Other Resources to Discuss

(CoP members encouraged to contribute items to this area.)