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Active Learning Academy (ALA) Community of Practice: Protocols and Practices

The ALA guide is designed for faculty as a repository of active learning strategies, assignments, videos and link, as well as information re Reading Apprenticeship, Habits of Mind and threshold concepts.

Metacognitive Bookmark

Many faculty find the following bookmark to provide helpful prompts to engage students more meaningfully in their readings and other types of course texts, including images, graphs, charts, and data sets. The bookmark can be used for group as well as individual reading comprehension activities. The Reading Apprenticeship site offers additional information about using the metacognitive bookmark bookmark. 

Metacognitive Bookmark

Student Metacognitive Reading Logs

Additional Instructional Materials & Professional Development Opportunities

RA Texts Available 

Chapters from each book are available here through the West Ed site.

Reading for Understanding Reading for Understanding: How Reading Apprenticeship Improves Disciplinary Learning in Secondary and College Classrooms
Authors: Ruth Schoenbach, Cynthia Greenleaf, Lynn Murphy
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (2012)
About the book: A teacher-tested, research-based resource for dramatically improving reading skills. Published in partnership with WestEd, this significantly updated second edition of the bestselling book contains strategies for helping students in middle school through community college gain the reading independence to master subject area textbooks and other material. Based on the Reading Apprenticeship program, which three rigorous "gold standard" research studies have shown to be effective in raising students' reading achievement. Presents a clear framework for improving the reading and subject area learning of all students, including English learners, students with special needs, as well as those in honors and AP courses. Provides concrete tools for classroom use and examples from a range of classrooms. Presents a clear how-to for teachers implementing the subject area literacies of the Common Core Standards. Reading for Understanding proves it's never too late for teachers and students to work together to boost literacy, engagement, and achievement.


Leading for LiteracyLeading for Literacy: A Reading Apprenticeship Approach
Authors: Ruth Schoenbach, Cynthia Greenleaf, Lynn Murphy
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (2016)
About the book: Leading for Literacy provides tools and real-life examples to expand the benefits of a literacy approach that sparks students' engaged reading and thinking across disciplines, from middle school through community college. A companion to the landmark Reading for Understanding, this book guides teachers, leaders, and administrators through the nuts, bolts, benefits, and stumbling blocks of creating Reading Apprenticeship communities that extend a culture of literacy beyond individual classrooms. 


Getting Started with Specific RA Routines and Strategies

Scan of "Reading Together Using Reciprocal Teaching Role Cards." Also explained on p.228 Reading for Understanding, 2nd ed. From LCOP Summer 2016 Day One.