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Using JSTOR Essential: Other Teaching Resources

The Merced College Library now subscribes to JSTOR Essential, a version of JSTOR which provides access to content from over 680 journals in the humanities and social sciences.

How to Link to Articles / Chapters

To link articles / chapters for your students to be able to access:

  • Don't use the Stable URL
    • Example:
  • MCCD users can't log into JSTOR via the Stable URL / JSTOR website
  • Instead, when you are logged into JSTOR, use the URL that appears in the address bar only up to the question mark (do not include the question mark)
    • Example:
  • This link will ask MCCD users to enter their MC Portal username & password



Screenshot of Charlottesville Syllabus

2 Minute How To: Using Documents to Find New Research

Learn how to import / copy & paste, etc. an article / document / syllabus using the Text Analyzer to discover related articles / chapters (JSTOR, 01:53).

How to use Text Analyzer to Make a Reading List

Learn to use the Text Analyzer and Workspace together (JSTOR, 3:23).