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PHIL 10_HUM 02: Barnes: HUM 02 Suggested Resources

This research guide is intended to support the Philosophy 10 Class, or ENGL 13. Instructor Barnes

Suggested Sources for HUM 02 Assignment

Choose a discipline within the Humanities, for example art, philosophy, architecture, literature, politics or religion); how does it interrelate to society, culture, relevance, change and continuity.

  • Peer reviewed and scholarly sources
  • Accessing items:
    • Checking physical items out
    • Saving, emailing and sending articles
    • Accessing from off-campus
  • Citing in MLA format

Books and Ebooks Suggestions for Assignment

Example Questions

  1. Why has Christianity been so successful in Western Civilization?
  2. Has science improved the quality of life or has it made it more complicated?
  3. How has architecture or art influenced society?  Is it a reflection of nature or of human technology?
  4. How has technology influenced humanity over time?  Reflecting on technologies impact of humanity's past, how do you think human civilization will evolve with the influence of social media? 

Databases in the EbscoHOST group

Selecting the specific databases to use for your subject is the first step in a successful EBSCO search.  For this class, please choose the following (note: do NOT select all):

  • Academic Search Complete

  • Omni File Complete

  • Master File Complete

  • Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection

Once in EBSCO, choose your databases by selecting Choose Databases.

Select and Log in using your Merced College Portal Student.Name and Password

Select from the list of 30+ EBSCO databases 2 ways:

1: From the list of all databases:



2.  From within an EBSCO database: