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Theatre: Monologues


monologue (from Greek: μονόλογος, from μόνος mónos, "alone, solitary" and λόγος lógos, "speech") is a speech presented by a single character, most often to express their thoughts aloud, though sometimes also to directly address another character or the audience. Monologues are common across the range of dramatic media (plays, films,etc.), as well as in non-dramatic media such as poetry.

A monologue is where one character is doing the talking, whether it be complaining, telling jokes, or relaying an emotional story. Their speech can include interjections from other characters, but only one person is speaking for long periods.

What is a Monologue

"What is a Monologue" byEdward Vera Productions in partnership with Tory Baxter of Moonhead Visuals Presents (3:59)

Types of Monologues

  • Monologue
    • A monologue is a speech spoken by one character, usually in a play. A character delivering a monologue may be speaking to other characters in the play or to the audience.(Grammarist)
  • Soliloquy
    • A soliloquy is a speech performed by a single character, usually in a play. In a soliloquy the character speaks his thoughts out loud, to himself (Grammarist)
  • Dramatic monologue
    • Dramatic monologue means self-conversation, speech or talks which includes interlocutor presented dramatically. It means a person, who is speaking to himself or someone else speaks to reveal specific intentions of his actions. However, in literature, it is a poetic form or a poem that presents the speech or conversation of a person in a dramatic manner.(Literary Devices)
  • Comic monologue
    • A dramatic monologue covers an emotionally serious or heavy topic while a comedic monologue is humorous/light in nature and /or intended to make the audience laugh.(StageAgent)

Print Monologues

These are just a couple of some print monologue books.  Use OneSearch, our book catalog to find more.


Subject Terms

Subject terms (also called subject headings) are essentially hashtags that direct you to resources that are tagged with the same terms. Most libraries use the Library of Congress Subject Headings to" tag" resources. The following subject headings may help you discover more books.


One-Act Plays

How to find Monologues on the Web

The easiest way to find monologues on the web is via Google.  There are so many places to find monologues that if we listed them here, the list would be too long to look at but here are a couple that have a good selection


Daily Actor

Like the library catalog, you may use key phrases such as:

"Comedic Monologues"

"Dramatic Monologues"

You can narrow down your search by adding key words or phrases like:

"Comedic monologues" women

"Dramatic Monologues" short

eBook Monologues

These are just a couple of some e-books.  Use OneSearch, our book catalog to find more.