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Getting Started with Artstor Digital Library: Access

Accessing Artstor

If you access Artstor ( from your institution's computer network, the database will recognize your IP address and you will be granted access to Artstor's core content automatically. However, to download images you must register for an account. With a registered account you can also curate groups of images, share them, and download them directly into PowerPoint presentations.

If you are accessing Artstor from off-campus without logging in you will only see Artstor's Public Collections. Logging in with your registered account gives you the ability to access an additional 2.5 million images from museums, libraries, archives, scholars, and artists and artist's estates that are restricted from public view.

There are two ways to register for an Artstor account:

  1. From any computer on campus, go to The database will recognize your IP address as belonging to a subscribing institution, and grant you access automatically. From the home page, click “register for an account” in the upper right corner and enter your information. If you are also a JSTOR user, you may register with your JSTOR credentials if you choose. You can then use this account to log into Artstor from anywhere.
  2. Go to your library’s website and log in through your institution’s proxy (webportal). On the library’s list of databases, select Artstor. Since you are logged in through the proxy, the database will recognize your IP address as belonging to your institution and you will automatically be granted access. In the upper right corner of the homepage, click “register” and enter your information. You can now use these credentials to log in directly at from anywhere.

After you have registered for an account, you will have 120 days of remote access. After 120 days you will need to log in to Artstor from a computer on campus--or through your library’s proxy--in order to reset your remote access for another 120 days.
If you visit and see this screen, you do not have IP-based access and must log in with your registered account.