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_Biology: Reviewing Search Strategies


Connect keywords with operators.

AND joins dissimilar terms. It helps narrow your search. lying AND morality
OR joins similar terms. It helps broaden your search.

deception OR lying

Use AND & OR together, as well.

(deception OR lying) AND morality

Online Research: Tips for Effective Search Strategies

Sarah Clark (3:04)


Find phrases (two words or more) using quotation marks.

  • "insect bites"
  • "ticks and mosquitos"
  • "candida aurus"


Find variations of words using truncation. In many databases, the truncation symbol is an asterisk *.

  • ectop* = ectoparasite, ectoparasitic. ectoparasiticide

You do have to be careful, as you might get unexpected results.

  • minor* = minor, minors, minority, minorities, minoritization, etc.
  • ecto* = ectopic (pregnancy). ecotopia cordis (heart malformation)