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_Biology: Keyword Development

Brainstorming Keywords

The databases simply match the words you enter in the search box. Not all authors use the same language to describe similar topics, so you will need to try a variety of searches to find relevant results.

  • Create a list of possible words that could appear in a source related to your topic.
  • Come up with synonyms or related terms.
  • Stick to using about 2-4 terms at a time.

Selecting and Using Keywords

University of West Florida, John C. Pace Library, (3:50)

Keywords Activity

You will need to answer the following questions:

Keep a list of keywords and concepts that might help you research your question later in the session

1. What do I already know?

2. What do I need know?

3. Why do I need to know this for my paper?

4. How will I use this information in my paper?


In small groups, you will need to answer the following questions:

‚Äč1. Clearly articulate your research question.

2. Do I know enough to start my research?

3.  Where will I start my researcyh?

4   What kind of resources will I need?