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Getting Textbooks to Zero Student Cost

Merced College Library guide with resources for lowering student textbook costs.


We're Glad You're Here

This guide serves as a brief primer about zero textbook cost materials and suggestions for where to find them: 

  • textbook requirements for Title 5 & articulation
  • relevant ASCCC resolutions
  • important definitions & examples of various resources that count as zero-cost or low-cost for students 
    • Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC)
    • Low Textbook Cost (LTC)
    • Library-licensed electronic materials (database content)
    • Open Access (OA)
    • Open Educational Resources (OER)
    • Public domain (not subject to copyright; copyright expired)
  • information about Creative Commons licenses, including:
    • purpose
    • types
    • attribution
  • variety of tools to find ZTC resources, including:
    • suggestions for OER by discipline
    • OER aggregators, respositories, & textbook collections
    • library databases
    • Open access directories 
  • strategies for evaluating OER & staying organized during your research process

Not a Definitive List

  • Resources change all the time, and the world of OER grows as new editions are created and others remix content into their own creations.
  • There is no one place that will provide you with all you will need to successfully convert your course into a ZTC course. 
  • This is where you will use your research and creative skills and discipline expertise.