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SOC 3 Bishop: Welcome

Marriage and the Family

Find the Guide

  • Please remove ear buds & put cell phones away
  • You can use your laptop if you'd like
  • Using Chrome or Firefox, navigate to your class research guide by typing the following URL in the search bar:
  • What is your research topic / question? Write in on your 3x5 card; we'll be using this later.

Learning Outcomes

After this session, you will be able to:

  • identify a study's research method
  • identify key databases / journals
  • create a search strategy to find research articles

Reference Librarian

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Lindsay Davis
My last day of work for Spring 2021 is April 1. Please contact me by email no later than March 30 in order to ensure a reply before I am away. I will return in Fall 2021. I will not be available until my return. Please note that the library faculty have not been on campus since March 2020, so we are not answering the library reference phone number nor our office phones.