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HIST 23 Mendez: Bienvenido/a / Welcome

Chicano/a History & Culture

About this Guide

Welcome to the Merced College Library!Hasta La Bahia !1 Mural - Chicano Park

This is a library guide with resources to help you complete your book summary project.

  • Visit the Books tab to find recommended books for your book summary assignment.
    • Most of the books are available as eBooks.
    • You can also request physical books from Merced to be sent to Los Baños for free; you can also return Merced books in Los Baños. 
  • The Books tab also shares:
    • how to request print books from the library in Merced for free delivery to Los Baños
    • how to read eBooks from the EBSCO eBook platform
    • how to read eBooks from the Ebook Central platform
    • advice for how to approach reading academic books
    • how to find book reviews to learn more about what others think about the book you're reading for your assignment
  • Visit the Citing Sources tab for resources and examples for citing sources in APA 7, Chicago 17, or MLA 9. 
  • Visit the Research Help tab to get in touch with the library faculty. 

"Hasta La Bahia !1 Mural - Chicano Park" by Jay Galvin is licensed under CC BY 2.0