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ENGL 01B Epstein-Corbin: Finding Literary Criticism in Journals

Introduction to Literature




Database Tutorials

"Introduction to EBSCOhost - Tutorial" (4:17) is by EBSCO Tutorials.

EBSCOhost provides a number of databases, and most work in the way the video shows. However, there may be different filters to narrow your results between the databases provided by EBSCOhost.

"Using Ethnic NewsWatch" (starts at 0:52 and ends at 2:04) by Contra Costa College Library is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

"JSTOR Tutorial" (the tutorial starts at 0:26 and ends at 1:45) is by DSC Library.

"Literature Resource Center" (starts at 1:01 and ends at 5:46) is by Erie CC.