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Library Research: General: About Scholary and Popular Articles

Merced College Library offers books, journals, magazines and newspapers full text to students. Use this guide to locate library resources.

Scholarly & Popular Articles

  • Use scholarly articles when you need the results of a research study, such as an experiment, survey, focus group, film or literary analysis, etc.
  • Trade articles are focused on industry-related topics, practical advice, and news related to a profession.
  • Popular articles include those from newspapers and magazines, which focus on current events and human interest stories. They will sometimes also report about a research study, but you need to refer back to the study to get more detailed information.

Databases Pro/Con

Newspapers and News

Keyword Searching

Databases in the EbscoHOST group

Selecting the specific databases to use for your subject is the first step in a successful EBSCO search.  For this class, please choose the following (note: do NOT select all):

  • Academic Search Complete

  • Omni File Complete

  • Master File Complete

  • Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection

Once in EBSCO, choose your databases by selecting Choose Databases.

Select and Log in using your Merced College Portal Student.Name and Password

Select from the list of 30+ EBSCO databases 2 ways:

1: From the list of all databases:



2.  From within an EBSCO database:


Academic One File and Nexis Uni

Scholarly or Popular?

Choose which article is a SCHOLARLY PEER REVIEWED journal article?
Before John Steward: 59 votes (46.09%)
Perceived Accurary: 69 votes (53.91%)
Total Votes: 128