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Rising Scholars Program: Merced College Library: Research Requests

Cross-disciplinary library guide that provides one stop for accessing resources for students and faculty. Forms, timelines and contact information are also provided.

Policies and Guidelines

Research Requests

Please encourage student to fill out the top of research request completely
One request from each student, two times per month per class/section.  
Forms can be used to request research information unrelated to the assignment, but within the scope of Merced College Library Policies.  
Faculty may submit the forms to the librarians at or to the Rising Scholar offices for delivery. Forms may also be picked up at the Downey Center Library. Please communicate with the librarians when you intend to pick up: we fill the research requests as quickly as possible, usually within 3-4 working days, first come-first serve.
Faculty are welcome to scan the documents and email them as a PDF.
  • Information must be on the front page to be captured by scan. 
  • At this time (Fall 2022) we are not creating electronic document packets for student request. We are working to create a Canvas shell or module you can import into Canvas to point students toward. More to come soon.

Policies re Library Materials and Incarcerated Students

Printable documents (see file attachment below).

  • Please include this policy statement in your syllabus or when you first distribute the Research Request forms.  


Research Request Forms

Distribute Research Request forms for Student use

  • Print in black and white: do NOT use colored paper
  • One Research Request per student, two times per month for each section enrolled.  
  • Requests are answered in the order they are received, usually within 3-7 days depending on workload.
  • Instructor is notified via email when the Research Requests are added to packets (correspondence modality), or when placed in instructor box (in-person modality).