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Rising Scholars Program: Merced College Library: Science & Math

Cross-disciplinary library guide that provides one stop for accessing resources for students and faculty. Forms, timelines and contact information are also provided.

Tips for Using this Guide

Selected source rationale

  • Recommended sources are scholarly and academic 
  • Sources often have overview of issues related to a topic
  • Provide citations and authority
  • Supplement your curriculum

Encyclopedias and Reference

Search the Book Catalog

Search books, ebooks, online and hardcopy journals, periodicals, newspapers and more!

Databases in the EbscoHOST group

Selecting the specific databases to use for your subject is the first step in a successful EBSCO search.  For this class, please choose the following (note: do NOT select all):

  • Academic Search Complete

  • Omni File Complete

  • Master File Complete

  • Science Full Text Select

Once in EBSCO, choose your databases by selecting Continue.

Select and Log in using your Merced College Portal Student.Name and Password

Select from the list of 30+ EBSCO databases 2 ways:

1: From the list of all databases:



2.  From within an EBSCO database: