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Rising Scholars Program: Merced College Library: English, Humanities, Social Sciences

Cross-disciplinary library guide that provides one stop for accessing resources for students and faculty. Forms, timelines and contact information are also provided.

Tips for Using this Guide

Selected source rationale

  • Recommended sources are scholarly and academic 
  • Sources often have overview of issues related to a topic
  • Provide citations and authority
  • Supplement your curriculum

Encyclopedias and Reference

Search the Book Catalog

Search books, ebooks, online and hardcopy journals, periodicals, newspapers and more!

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article: Interactive Tutorial

Types of Scholarly Journal Articles

Original / Empirical Review
based on an experiment or study. This type of article will have a methodology section that tells how the experiment was set up and conducted, a results or discussion section, and usually a conclusion section. In psychology courses, you are often asked to find empirical articles. Empirical articles are original research articles. Literature Review Systematic Review Meta-Analysis

written to bring together and summarize the results/conclusions from multiple original research articles/studies. This type of article will not usually have a methodology section, and they generally have very extensive bibliographies.

a form of literature review that comprehensively identifies, appraises, and synthesizes all relevant research on a specifically formulated question.

combines carefully selected data from previous empirical studies to bring more rigor to a statistical or other analysis.

Scholarly, Popular, & Trade Article Examples

Criteria Scholarly Journal Trade Magazine Popular Magazine
Sample Cover Cover of Sensors Feb 2019 Issue 4 Cover of Computers in Libraries Sept 2019 issue Cover of the Dec 2018 issue of Scientific American
Sample Article

Positioning, Navigation, and Book Accessing/Returning in an Autonomous Library Robot using Integrated Binocular Vision and QR Code Identification Systems

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How to Bring AI into Your Library

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Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2018

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Audience Academics and professionals People in the business General public
Authors Experts or specialists. Unpaid. Staff writers, industry specialists, or vendor representatives. Paid. Journalists, staff writers, or freelance writers. Paid.
Editorial Review Journal editorial board and peer reviewers. Unpaid. Professional Editors. Paid. Professional Editors. Paid.
References / Works Cited Almost always Sometimes Rarely

Modeled after NCSU Libraries "Scholarly & Popular Materials" tutorial.

Scholarly, Popular, & Trade Article Examples

Curriculum and Educator Resources

Newspapers and Statistics

Scholarly Journals and Articles

Databases in the EbscoHOST group

Selecting the specific databases to use for your subject is the first step in a successful EBSCO search.  For this class, please choose the following (note: do NOT select all):

  • Academic Search Complete

  • Omni File Complete

  • Master File Complete

  • Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection

  • Psyc Info

  • Communications and Mass Media

Once in EBSCO, choose your databases by selecting Choose Databases.

Select and Log in using your Merced College Portal Student.Name and Password

Select from the list of 30+ EBSCO databases 2 ways:

1: From the list of all databases:



2.  From within an EBSCO database: