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Nutrition: Database Exploration for Nutrition

Suggested Reference Databases & Websites

Suggested Reference Books

Find more print & electronic reference books in the library catalog. The catalog is a list of the library's print books, eBooks, CDs, and DVDs (no articles).

Print reference books stay in the library. You don't check them out, and there is no time limit. You can find them in the bookstacks on the 1st floor of the library behind the Information Desk.

You can access the electronic versions of reference books 24/7 online.

Reference Sources - Good for Finding Background Information

Before you begin looking for scholarly articles, which are specific research studies, you need to find some basic information on your topic using reference sources, such as reference databases, reference websites, or print or electronic encyclopedias. These sources are great for getting the overview of a broad topic. Sometimes reference sources can also point to scholarly articles.

For example, use a reference source if you want to learn about gluten-free diets in general.

Trade Magazines

Trade magazine and periodicals are important publications to communicate important trends, summarize scholarly research and reports, and recognize experts in their field.  

Use these resources to guide your understanding and topic selection by browsing or skimming the different topics.  Note: these are available on Course Reserve at the Library in print format.

How to Search in MedlinePlus

The video shows how someone might investigate health topics in MedlinePlus. The example is specific to Alzheimer's disease (ORAUMultimediaApps, 4:14).