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Communication: About this Guide

About this Guide

Many academic librarians, including the faculty reference librarians at Merced College, are professors who work with other professors to teach students research skills in the traditional or online classroom. Librarians also work with students one-on-one online through the library chat, email, text, and Zoom. Animated image of stacks of papers with a magnifying glass hovering over it, as though a person is looking down at their desk; a smartphone and coffee cup are on either side of the image

Use the tabs in this research guide to help you:

  • recognize major types of sources - background sources, scholarly books, and scholarly & popular articles
  • learn a strategy for choosing sources
  • understand library databases 
  • learn how to select library databases 
  • explore suggested library databases to find articles or book chapters / books
  • learn how to communicate with library databases
  • cite sources in APA 7
  • get in contact with faculty reference librarians who can guide you through all aspects of research

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