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Virtual Study Break Pack

Take a study break with the Merced College Libraries.

Admire the Library Pets

Dogs named Dottie and Henry snoozing

Dottie & Henry | Nicole Dal Porto

Dottie and Henry would rather be snoozing than studying for finals!

Dog named Dottie

Dottie | Nicole Dal Porto

Dog named Henry

Henry | Nicole Dal Porto

Cat named Shelby

Shelby | Nicole Dal Porto

Dog named Luna

Luna | Michael Camara

Cat named Gypsy

Gypsy | Michael Camara

Cat named Cookie

Cookie | Michael Camara

Dog named Ruby

Ruby | Leigh-Ann Thornhill

Orange cat named Tigger

Tigger | Kathleen Brantley-Gutierrez

Cat named Shadow

Shadow | Kathleen Brantley-Gutierrez

At least he's comfortable. LOL!

Smokey | Kathleen Brantley-Gutierrez

Two cats, Sammy and Pepper

Sammy & Pepper | Denise Runner

Black and white cat named Daisy

Daisy | Nancy Golz

Orange cat named Kasper

Kasper | Nancy Golz

Getting into some mischief, Kasper!

Cat named Millard

Millard | Melinda Cornwell

Heidi | Karrie Bullock

Heidi's full name is Hyacinth Lemondrop Bouquet.

Cat named Wolfgang Paco

Wolfgang Paco | Joey Merritt

Cat named Cocoa Chanel

Cocoa Chanel | Joey Merritt

Cat named Blue

Blue | Joey Merritt

Black cat named Cookie

Cookie | Mel Ortega

Orange cat named Ginger

Ginger | Mel Ortega

Dog named JoJo

JoJo | Mel Ortega

Kittens named Rosie and Oscar

Rosie & Oscar | Mel Ortega

Cat named Lizzie

Lizzie | Mel Ortega

Mini horse named Shorty

Shorty | Mel Ortega

Shorty loves Kyndal, Mel's granddaughter.

Black cat named Derek

Derek | Hannah Redd-Hallman

Dog named Cassie

Cassie | Hannah Redd-Hallman

Dog named Millie

Millie | Hannah Redd-Hallman

Dogs named Otto and Roxie

Otto & Roxie | Lindsay Davis