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ENGL 06A Epstein-Corbin: Understanding Your Prompt

Major English Writers to the Late 18th Century

Essay 3

In Essay 3, Professor Esptein-Corbin has asked that you compare and contrast different academic interpretations of John Milton's Paradise Lost. You will need to find academic sources about a specific aspect of Paradise Lost. Make sure to read Professor Epstein-Corbin's full assignment details and requirements.

The library faculty recommend that you search for:

  • entries from print and electronic specialized reference sources (i.e., encyclopedias)
  • chapters from print scholarly books / eBooks
  • articles from literature journals

Find a Copy of Paradise Lost

John Milton

Reproduced portrait of John Milton

"John Milton" by Unknown artist (oil on canvas, feigned oval, circa 1629), NPG 4222 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0.