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ENGL 01A Zamora: Welcome

College Composition and Reading

Learning Outcomes

After this session, you will be able to:

  • find the library's catalog and databases
  • identify a strategy for selecting databases to use
  • develop keywords & apply limiters to communicate with databases

Prompt 1

Formulate an argument on the issue of whether or not we should value how forms of pop culture (i.e video games and TV) are improving our intelligence. Or do you find a problem with Johnson’s premise that we shouldn’t care about the moral content of pop culture? Perhaps, any intellectual benefits pop culture has to offer are outweighed by the impact it has on promoting violence and a sense of moral degradation. Maybe you agree with the idea that it’s simply “a colossal waste of time” as Dr. Spock says.

Prompt 2

Formulate an argument on the issue of how social media (this can include Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc.) has negatively impacted our social and emotional lives because an over investment of these technologies leads to social isolation, which then causes a range of emotional problems like depression, anxiety, etc.