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HIST 17B_Gutierrez: Scholarly Articles and Journals

Guitierrez research guide for off-site Merced College students.

Tips for Searching for History Documents

Use keywords and boolean operators like AND, OR and NOT

Example:  gilded age AND immigration OR immigrants NOT Irish

  • AND will narrow results
  • OR will expand results
  • NOT will exclude results 

Scholarly vs. Popular Periodicals

Vanderbilt University, Peabody Library (3:12)

Newspapers and Periodicals

Databases in the EbscoHOST group

Selecting the specific databases to use for your subject is the first step in a successful EBSCO search.  For this class, please choose the following (note: do NOT select all):

  • Academic Search Complete

  • Omni File Complete

  • Master File Complete

  • American History and Life Full Text

Once in EBSCO, choose your databases by selecting Choose Databases.

Select and Log in using your Merced College Portal Student.Name and Password

Select from the list of 30+ EBSCO databases 2 ways:

1: From the list of all databases:



2.  From within an EBSCO database: