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Using ArtStor: Search, View, Share

Advanced Search

Begin an Advanced Search

For more control over your search, use the Advanced Search feature.

The link to launch an Advanced Search is found directly under the keyword search box on any results page.

Keyword Search Box Advanced Search Link

Construct your search in the advanced search window:

Advanced Search without keyword

Search for words and phrases

  1. Enter a search term in the first search box (or leave keywords blank)
  2. Use the drop-down menu to the right of this field to specify the scope of your search: in any field, Title, Creator, Location, Repository, Subject, Material, Style or Period, Work Type, Culture, Description, Technique, Number, SSID, Repository ID or SSID.
  3. Use the drop-down menu at the beginning of the second row to select a Boolean operator (AND/OR/NOT).
  4. Enter another search term in the field provided.
  5. Click Add Query to add additional keyword fields. You can add up to ten queries for each search.

Field definitions

Name, brief biographical information, and roles (if available) of the named creator or creators in the design and production of the work, presented in a syntax suitable for display to the end-user and including any necessary indications of uncertainty, ambiguity, and nuance.
Titles, identifying phrases, or names given to a work of art, architecture, or material culture. May include description of the spatial, chronological, or contextual aspects of the work as captured in the view of this particular image; May include a term that characterizes the view of the work depicted in the image
Location For monumental works and architecture, the name and geographic location of the work. May include name and geographic location associated with the site where the work was originally created or found
The name and geographic location of the repository that is currently responsible for the work. May indicate how a work came into the repository. “Bequest,” “gift,” “purchase,” and “loan” used to indicate sources. Year of accession sometimes provided at end of credit line.
Subject Term(s) that identify, describe, and/or interpret what is depicted in and by a work.
Indication of the substances or materials used in the creation of a work, as well as any implements, production or manufacturing techniques, processes, or methods incorporated in its fabrication, presented in a syntax suitable for display to the end-user and including any necessary indications of uncertainty, ambiguity, and nuance.
Style or Period Term(s) that identifies the named, defined style, historical or artistic period, movement, group, or school whose characteristics are represented in the work being catalogued.
Work Type Term(s) identifying the specific kind of object or work being described.
Culture Name of the culture, people, or nationality from which the work originated.
Technique The production or manufacturing processes, techniques, and methods incorporated in the fabrication or alteration of the work or image.
Number Unique numeric or alphanumeric identification, usually a filename, of the image.
SSID Internal system identification number, unique.
Repository ID Any unique identifiers assigned to a work by the current or last known repository.

Search by date or date range

  1. In the date range area, enter a Start date and End date, and click to toggle an era [BCE or CE]. Enter only a Start date to search for a single date.

Search by geography

  1. Use the scroll bar next to Geography to review a list of geographic terms.
  2. Click the checkbox next to the desired region or country (up to five selections).

Search by classification

  1. Use the scroll bar next to Classification to review a list of classification categories.
  2. Click the checkbox next to the desired classification (up to five selections).

Search by collection

  1. Under Collections you can perform your search exclusively in personal collections, institutional collections, and/or Shared Shelf collections, depending on your account settings.
  2. To limit your search, click the checkbox next to the desired collection(s).

Refine or modify an advanced search

One you have performed an advanced search, and wish to add or edit the search criteria, you can refine using the filtering panels on the left, or if you wish to edit keywords and phrases, click Advanced search again and your existing criteria will populate the fields.

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