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Wireless Printing: Wifi Printing

Print from your own device

Print Using Your Own Device over Wi-Fi

Print from home or on the go wherever you have Internet access using your phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop. You can also use these instructions to print from the library's Microsoft SurfacePros and iPad Minis. 

  1. Register your email at the OCS Web Print and Email Print setup website:
  2. Select "Merced College" as the site.
  3. Follow the online instructions and wait for your confirmation email.
  4. Make note of your new ID code for WiFi printing.
  5. When printing over Wi-Fi, it may take up to 5 minutes for your job to show up at Merced College print stations.  You can submit a print job up up to 48 hours prior.
  6. Once your email is registered, you can upload future print jobs to

If you need help or have questions, please email Thom at campuscopiers@gmail.comDownload the flyer for instructions on how to print using your own device over Wi-Fi.

Upgraded wifi hotspots on campus

Location of new witi hot spots on campus

Where / How can I print?

Where / How Can I Print / Copy?

  • Black/white and color printers are available on the 1st floor of  the library
  • Print without checking out a computer using the print-only stations on the 1st floor of the library
  • Copiers are also available in the library.  

To use these services, you must have a print card.  

  • A print card station is available on the 1st floor of the library

A computer is available on the 1st floor of the library to chat with librarians if you have a problem printing or copying.

Print Cards

How Much is Printing / Copying?

You must pay for prints with a print card in Merced. Use cash in Los Banos. 

  • Black/white prints are 10 cents / page.
  • Color prints are 40 cents / page.

Where to Buy a Print Card

Print card dispensers are available at the following locations at the Merced Campus (map):

  • Library (Learning Resource Center - LRC)
  • Student Union Building - outside of Study Central
  • Student Success & Tutoring Center (SSTC) - Communication Building
  • Bookstore

How to use a Print Card

How to Use a Print Card

  • The first time you purchase a print card, you will need to use a $1.00 bill and there will be an initial one time 50-cent fee for the print card. Then, keep your card so you can re-load it.
  • The maximum amount you can load on a print card is $50.00.
  • Pre-loaded print cards are available at the Bookstore and from the vending machine in the Student Union Building outside Study Central.