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Check your Student Email: How your Student Email works

Student Email

You must use your student email to access library resources, just like you do in your college classes.

Check your email often, all communications to you from the college will come to this email address.

How to Log in to your Student Email

Sign in to your student email here (you will have to log into your portal)

or sign in from inside your portal.

student portal email login

Use your MC4Me Portal login. For example: 


     Password:   Password:   *********

TIP #1: Replace jane.smith with your actual username

TIP #2: Use the same password you used to login to the Portal just now.

student email address example

Click on the outlook icon and your email will appear

Microsoft Icons


Forward your Student Email to another Email Address


These instructions are the same - just in graphic form.  Thank you, Go Daddy.

Forward my Office 365 Email - this link also has 2:59 video to help you see the steps.

email forward

1:43 Merced College