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Soc 03 - Bishop: Databases & Journals to Find Articles


  • Search for topics in relevant databases
  • Search for topics in specific journals


While the Merced College Library doesn't have databases that are specific to sociology, the library does subscribe to sociology journals, but these are located in a variety of databases, including those that focus on multiple subjects, psychology, culture studies, and communication studies.

The databases suggested below may be helpful to search in for your assignment. 

Find more databases by visiting the Databases A-Z list. The list is organized alphabetically. You can use the filters to limit the databases by subject area, type of source, and brand. You can also look up a database by name.


Since the library's sociology and other social sciences-related journals are housed in a variety of databases, you could also try searching for results from specific journals. The sociology / family studies / psychology journals suggested below may be helpful to search in for your assignment. 

Find more journals by visiting the Publication Finder. The Publication Finder is a database that shows you which journals, newspapers, and magazines the library subscribes to, and which database(s) house the publications. You can browse publications by subject, and then narrow your results further, such as peer-reviewed journals. You can also look up a publication by name. 

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