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NUTR 20 Hobbs: Finding Websites


Citing Websites with a Government or Corporate Author

How to Cite a Website with a Government of Corporate Author

from Valencia College's "MLA Style for Electronic Sources" guide

Class Activity

Step 1

  • Search for the career you're interested in the OOH. It may be that you will have to look at a category of jobs vs. a specific title (ex. there isn't an entry for "Executive Chef", but there is an entry for "Chefs and Head Cooks", etc.)
  • Answer the 8 questions in your assigned row of page 1 of your class spreadsheet.
  • Please look beyond the "summary" section for your answers. The idea is for you to become acquainted with the information the resource provides.

Step 2

  • Now visit the California Occupational Guides.
  • Search for the career you looked up in the OOH.
  • Answer the 2 questions in your assigned row of page 2 your class spreadsheet.