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Music: Researching Musicians

Start here - Wikipedia

When you research a musician, you need to know their stage name.  You may also need to know their name from the time before they became famous.  One of the best places to start your research is Wikipedia.  Although you may not use Wikipedia in your research, it s a valuable place to start.

Don't forget to check the references at the end of the article.  These are valuable resources that you may be able to use in your research.


We have a large collection of Reference Books on the main floor of the library in the Downey Center.  Please feel free to browse them. They are located in REF 780-790 and upstairs in the same Dewey Decimal Range.  These books range from early music to current music and most of them feature specific artists as well as music genres.




Musician Biographies - Books

This book is just an example of the biographies that the Merced College Library owns.  All biographies are shelved in Biographies (B) followed by the first 3 letters of the musicians name.