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Google and Google Scholar: Google

Interesting Fact

Did you know that in a recent study, it was found that most students don't know how to find and evaluate quality material on Google?  Take advantage of this Research Guide to learn about how to use Google and Google more efficiently.

Oh, if you're interested? Here is the link to the layman's write up!  Why Students Can't Google their way to the Truth

Google Search

Google Web Search

What is the difference between Google and Google Scholar?

Google Scholar is a web search engine that specifically search scholarly and academic resources.

Google Google Scholar
Searches public content (Paid and Unpaid) Searches scholarly literature and academic resources 
May contain advertisements  Searches similar scholarly books and articles you find in the library catalog and databases
Must spend time evaluating sources Must spend time evaluating content

Because Google Scholar has some great content and some of it is available in full-text, it's a good place to start but it isn't a "one-stop-shop" for resources.  Check out our databases at:  A-Z Databases

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