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Criminal Justice: Exploring Career Websites


Take 15 minutes for this activity.

Working in your small group, explore the print out with career information about a criminal justice-related occupation. On your poster, write the source (OOH, O*Net, or CA Occupational Guides) across the top, and answer the questions related to the source that appear below.


Police & Detectives


Criminal Investigators & Special Agents

CA Occupational Guides -

Detectives & Criminal Investigators in CA

  • What are three interesting pieces of information for this job?
    • education: agency training
    • $63,380 median wage
    • correctional officers: high school min.
  • What 3 skills are important to have for this job? critical thinking, active listening, complex problem-solving
  • What are 3 detailed work activities for this job? make reports, identifying objects, actions, events, examine records
  • What is the median wage? $81,920
  • What is the projected job growth? 7500 or 2-3 percent
  • Where do criminal investigators typically work? fed agencies (FBI, CIA, etc.).
  • What are 3 types of tasks that someone in this job would do? study auto theft, narcotics, etc, operate equipment, examine crime scenes
  • What is the median wage? $103, 529
  • What is the percentage of projected job growth? 4.8 percent

Career Guide Websites

Job Search Sites