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Banned or Challenged Books: Resources About Banned / Challenged Material

Banned Books Week highlights attempts to challenge and censor materials in libraries.

Banned books, American Library Association, most challenged books 2021

"Reasons for Challenges" created by Ellieintellectualfreedom; reasons gathered by American Library Association's Office of Intellectual Freedom.

Authors Discuss Challenged / Banned Books - YouTube

"Sherman Alexie on Book Banning and Censorship" (1:35) by Open Road Media.

Check out Alexie's book through the Merced College Library.

"On the Banning of Looking for Alaska" (3:18) by vlogbrothers

Check out Green's book through the Merced College Library.



Recommended Databases

Recommended databases for researching book banning, censorship, etc.

Streaming Films - Films on Demand


“Battle over the Books: Censorship in American Schools.” Films On Demand, Films Media Group, 1994, Accessed 23 Sept. 2020.

“Smothered: The Censorship Struggles Of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.” Films On Demand, Films Media Group, 2002, Accessed 23 Sept. 2020.

“The U.S. Should Adopt the ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Online: A Debate.” Films On Demand, Films Media Group, 2015, Accessed 23 Sept. 2020.