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ENGL 13 Withers: Welcome

Critical Reasoning and Writing

Find the Library Portal

  • Log into the Portal
  • Click on the Library tab at the top - this is where you can find all of the library's search tools
  • Wait on the Library page

Learning Outcomes

After this session, you will be able to:

  • identify useful databases based on your topic
  • communicate with databases using keywords and limiters

Essay #2 Prompt

After having finished the first essay on a more Ideal Society, and having chosen three issues which are of concern in our society, please write a five-paragraph essay describing and defending your thesis statement, which should be an attempt to find a solution for each of the problems you stated in your first essay. If your topics are too large, you will have difficulty with this assignment until you can identify topics which you can help fix. Once again, it is about what you and those you know may be able to do, rather than waiting on “the government” to fix these issues for you.

The essay must be five complete pages in length. The Works Cited page is not included as the fifth page. You will need to research and find three articles from the library databases for this essay. All articles must be approved by me before you can use them.

We will discuss in detail what potential topics there might be for discussion prior to the need to write about this. All homework must be typed, and no homework is accepted late or via email without prior consultation with the instructor. All work must follow MLA requirements.