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ENGL 01A Goldeen: Welcome

College Composition and Reading

Setting Up


  • Please remove ear buds and put phones away.
  • We'll be taking a tour first, so don't log into a computer just yet. 
  • We will take a 10-minute break at 7 PM
  • There is a survey you have to fill out at 8:10 PM. 

When we get back from the tour...

  • Log into the Portal.
  • Click on the Library tab at the top - this is where you can find all of the library's search tools, including the book catalog, databases, and research guides

Class Learning Outcomes

After this session, you will be able to:

  • identify key library services, collections, technology, and spaces
  • recognize the differences between major resource types
  • select relevant databases
  • communicate with databases using keywords & other search strategies

Academic Librarians

Steely Library NKU, "Academic Librarians," 3:27)

Librarians in the California Community College and California State University systems are faculty members; librarians in the University of California system are academic personnel.