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ENGL 01A Epstein-Corbin: Prompt

College Composition and Reading

Essay 3: Proposing Solutions

These are some points from your prompt. Your prompt has the full requirements and steps.

  • Write an 8+ page academic research essay where you define a problem within the school-to-prison pipeline and propose a solution on to help remedy it, at least in part.
  • Your paper must include at least five legitimate outside sources, preferably from library resources.
  • The paper will be formatted according to MLA standards, which means double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins.
  • The paper will include a works cited page with each entry in appropriate MLA format.

Words problem and solution written in chalk on a chalkboard; problem is crossed our with a diagonal red line

Image from Pixabay

Mapping Your Research Ideas

I highly recommend that you either make a list of questions or map our your questions to help you make sense of your research task. You will probably need to review class readings, lectures, and do some preliminary research to help you figure out a specific aspect of  the school-to-prison pipeline and potential solution for that particular aspect.

"Mapping Your Research Ideas" by UCLA Library (2:52) is licensed under CC-BY.