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ENGL 1A Withers: About News Sources

Critical Reasoning and Writing


Investigating News

Reputable News Sources

  • publish accurate content; checks facts, and if errors are made, corrects them
  • use reputable sources (people, documentation) and verifies those sources
  • present headlines which accurately represent the article content; headlines don't play on readers' emotions
  • clearly identify authors of articles with bylines
  • produce their own content; don't merely aggregate content from other sources
  • clearly identify content types (e.g. report vs. editorial)
  • conduct reporting, not just editorializing
  • employ journalists who follow the profession's code of ethics

“False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and/or Satirical ‘News’ Sources”

Fact-Checking Sources

Sources to Help Determine Bias & Accuracy in Reporting

How to Choose Your News

How do we choose which news to consume? Get the scoop on how opinions and facts affect the news and how to tell them apart (Damon Brown, TED-Ed, 4:48)


Media Bias Chart

Chart with media sources and their bias