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Resources for Online Students: Database

Search Activity

Using the search terms the class came up with, try a search is one of the databases below. Make sure to limit your results to full text!

  1. Which database did you try?
  2. What search did you use?
  3. How many results did you get?
  4. Was the search successful (i.e., were you able to find relevant results)? Why or why not?
  5. It's okay if you have to try a new search. By the end of class, identify a source you think would be helpful for your research. Share the title of the book or article. Why does it seem helpful?


Academic OneFile


Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection

Academic Search Complete

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Finding All the Databases

To find all of the library's databases:

  • Log into the Portal.
  • Click the Library tab at the top.
  • Click on Find Databases, which will take you to the library's Databases A-Z list. You can search for a specific database by name or use the filters to limit the databases by subject area.

To select an appropriate database from the list: 

Image of database subjects1. Think about your topic.

2. Which of the subjects represented in the Subjects drop-down list does your topic most closely fall under? Health? History? Science? There may be more than one relevant category, and that's okay. Just start with one subject area.

3. After you select a subject area, you will find a list of databases that are good for topics related to the selected subject. But each is different. Read the database descriptions to determine if the database contains the kind of information you are interested in.