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Fiat Lux: How Can I Get Research Help?

This is a copy of a guide created by Lindsay Davis while working at UC Merced. She presented this series at SCIL Works 2019.


Academic librarians who have teaching and research help responsibilties can help you with all aspects of the research process, including finding, using, and evaluating information. We can help teach you strategies for narrowing topics, teach you how to put searches together, advise you on where to look for information, etc. There is a lot of variety! At UC Merced, you can make in-person appointments of use the chat for help.

Academic Librarians

Steely Library NKU, "Academic Librarians," 3:27)

Keep in mind, while librarians at this particular library, and the librarians in the California State University and California Community College systems, are faculty members, librarians in the University of California are academic personnel, neither staff nor faculty. However, essentially all of the information in this video applies.

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